For Camouflage nail designs you can either go for the traditional colors or go for a pink camouflage pattern. For both camouflage nail designs OPI nail lacquer is used. If you want the traditional green you could use from the 2011 OPI collection Touring America lacquers, Roll down the window (Green color), Suzi takes the wheel (a grey color), get in the expresso lane (dark taupe), French quarter for your thoughts (light grey), A taupe the space needle (light taupe shade).

Green v shaped camouflage patterned nail design

Green camouflage nail design

If you choose the pink camouflage nail designs you can use from the OPI couture de Minnie or the Minnie mouse collection, Minnie style(confetti red), A definite Moust- have(fuchsia, magenta color),Chic from ears to tail (pink), Innie Minnie Mighty bow (red) Magazine cover mouse (strawberry color)
But of course you can use other brands as well.

Red and pink OPI confetti nail polish
Red OPI confetti nail polish

1. File nails to desired shape, then apply base coat.
2. Paint on the darkest color for the green camouflage nail designs this is Get in the expresso lane and for the pink camouflage designs this would be The color of Minnie.
You can also choose to start with a lighter shade and make the patterns darker.
3. Add a few blobs in a lighter shade using a bobby pin or a party picker, tooth pick.
4. Draw squiggly lines on your nails, varying some with sideways V patterns and lines coming from each side of the nail.
5. Repeat the same process in step four using another color.
6. Finish by sealing design with a top coat, top coat flattens out the bumps in the design and makes it last longer.