Are Fake Makeup brands really that bad?

Counterfeit Makeup

Fake makeup brands that are offered on the Internet turn out to be worse than I thought. Accidentally I came across an article in the The Guardian on which the police warns against fake makeup.

Rat droppings, human urine and arsenic was found in fake makeup, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So Just Buy it!

So fantastic Shameless

As we buy more and more online, sales of fake products also dramatically increased. Sellers increase by the day on Instagram,Facebook and more misery is coming from Ebay, DHGate and Alibaba.

Good Luck with your fake eye shadow palettes

Beautiful pictures from the merchandise, albeit copied from the original “but who cares”, right “¿ “.”You even can get 20% off because of an anniversary and free shipping”.
New Find fake eye shadow palettes, LORAC Beauty and the Beast PRO Eyeshadow Palette and Pirates of the Caribbean.


Counterfeit makeup


Original LORAC Beauty and the Beast PRO Eyeshadow Palette


Fake and original swatches LORAC Beauty and the Beast PRO Eyeshadow Palette

Latest victim, Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty aka Huda Katan. From beauty blogger to makeup Queen is one of the most fast selling beauty brands in the Middle East and beyond. This means also that the Chinese are on top of it. And yes, from FAKE lashes, lip gloss to eye shadow palettes, it’s all there. Buy one or buy it in bulk it doesn’t matter for a few dollars per item you can start your own Sephora.
So I bought some fake Huda myself $3.50 for the lipgloss and $3.50 for the mascara, the quality is overwhelming bad,fallacious, it’s smelly (stinks). The mascara is like a glue or a pancake syrup gone bad. When I opened the lip gloss I started gagging, this is how bad the smell was. 

Fake Huda Beauty

So I rather save a bit longer to buy my favorite makeup brand than to put this on my eyes and lips.

Advertisement for fake Makeup

Fake makeup advertisements on the internetIt is obviously quite tempting to buy beautiful “MAC” lipsticks for a few dollars instead of $ 20 a piece.

But do you know what you’re buying? Fake Urban Decay Naked Palettes, NARS lipsticks, MAC makeup, even fake Chanel makeup is for sale.  I very well understand  that people are enthusiastic because the “real” makeup is expensive but do you know the ingredients?.

Cyanide,human urine and rats droppings

In the UK the police have examined the fake cosmetics in a laboratory and found that there was regularly toxic chemicals in the makeup products such as cyanide but they also found human urine and rats’ droppings. In makeup such as eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and foundation they found harmful amounts of chemicals and other hazardous substances such as arsenic, mercury and lead. I guess you don’t want to put that on your eyes or lips. Make no mistake, it may seem harmless a fake MAC lipstick, but the manufactures of fake cosmetics don’t care and there’s no supervision at all. You don’t know what ingredients are used, if the packaging is fake then the ingredients inside are also fake.

Fake Urban Decay Naked and NARS advertisement

In most advertisements of fake products they use pictures from the real product, they look more reliable but they are not. We buy these products because they are cheap and free shipping is always included. And if the product is not to our satisfaction we will not send it back because the cost to ship it back is not worth it, you will get over it, but what if you have an allergic reaction using a fake makeup product, or getting an infection that can grow into a more serious problem? and all because of those fake eyeliners, eye shadow or lipsticks.In the UK there are already cases who caused problems after using Fake makeup.

Search for dupes

Think twice if you see for example an Urban Decay Naked palette for $15, instead of the normal price $54 Or NYX, NARS,MAC lipsticks, ZOYA nail polish or even Chanel and Dior eye shadow. Unless you know it’s a fake, and want to buy it anyway, then consider applying all the incredible ingredients in the products and putting this on your lips or eyes. Look I’m not from the Makeup police and understand very well that everyone wants to have a nice stash of expensive makeup brands, so do I.
Buy your makeup in official outlets or at save online stores, then you know for sure it’s real. And if you want a MAC lipstick and find it too expensive? Then look for a similar color from another brand, which is not a fake product, but just a lipstick from another affordable brand in the same color, at least you know what you have, a save product.
Find the dupe list on Temptalia or if buying online go to Sephora or any other trustworthy online stores.