Container Gardening 10 vegetables to grow in pots.

Containers gardening

You do not need to have a large garden to grow vegetables, plants and flowers. People with green fingers know that container gardening is fun. Most vegetables grow well in pots, on a porch a terrace or balcony. These are ideal places for growing vegetables. Growing vegetables in pots has even advantages to cultivation in open ground. The soil in pots warms up faster in which the seeds and plants begin to grow quicker. In addition, vegetables in pots are much less vulnerable to diseases and are always in fertile soil.

Container Gardening: Below 10 colorful veggies to grow in pots.


Grow carrots in pots and bags


healthy Cowli flower just in a pot even on balconies


Bell peppers Green or Red

container -gardening-bell peppers green-red

Eggplants for some delicious recipies


Growing beans in Pots and Potting bags


Cucumber for healthy salades


Lettuce in hangers on balcony or Patio


More lettuce to give a fresh color to your balcony


Even spinach for a spinach ricotta cannelloni